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December 2019

I guess it starts back almost 5 years. I had a breakdown, 2 in fact, all thanks to several factors including injury, ongoing pain, illness, and a very un-sympathetic employer that I had been with for 11 years.Prior to this I was actually fairly active sportsman, climbing, badminton( playing at a very high local division) and cyclist, out a t least once a week with a couple of friends, 10-20 miles of an evening.After my breakdowns I pretty much shut down. I won’t go into the details of the initial years, suffice to say that I have been to the edge of some very very dark places and have only just returned. I have a great support from my partner Ruth and kids and a few friends and family.I should also add that I have been diagnosed with severe depression,

Wild About Argyll has teamed up with Bikepacking Scotland and Calmac Ferries to promote a series of car-free walking and cycling adventures for various abilities, starting at Dunoon Pier and Benmore Botanic Gardens.Dunoon is the jewel in the Firth of Clyde, very close to Scotland’s biggest city Glasgow. Situated on the Cowal Peninsula, the seaside resort is a gateway to the great outdoors, with an abundance of walking and cycling adventures accessible easily by public transport from the ferry pier.Local businesses are embracing the opportunities the great outdoors offer, like Jon Smith from the St Ives Guesthouse explains:‘Ìf you love the great outdoors, if you love friendly people, this is a place to come. We have got everything: Forests, mountain bike trails, boating, fishing, botanical gardens; nature at its finest.’The Rail and Sail Ticket, a joint offer from CalMac Ferries

Hi Gravel Buddies. Tim Kremer has reached out to me eager to have you member riding their challenging events abroad. Gravel Epic just announced that thanks to sponsorship deals the cost for the Gravel Epic | Marrakesh and other Gravel Epic events has been reduced to EUR 169 during the early bird and EUR 199 full price.Members at the UK Gravel Bike Club get a 25% discount (please enter UKGBM  during checkout)which means the cost for this amazing event is only EUR 126 at the moment.Visit or for more information.So for those wishing for a bit of foreign gravel grinding

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