Gravel now seems to be the trendy cycling activity around the world now, and so many sites and clubs are popping up around the web. I don't want to bore you with too much waffle, so below I will explain to you how, why and when the was created and it's unique vision.

How did it start?


The UkGravelBike.Club was born towards the end of 2014 thanks to a marketing intuition of Mark Chambers, who was representing an Italian cycling brand in the United Kingdom. In 2015 the brand launched its own gravel bike, which was, to be honest, a cycle-cross camouflaged as a gravel bike. Italians will always be Italians!

The project started from scratch on Facebook and it rapidly began to evolve into probably the United Kingdom’s most popular online gravel bike community.


Why did this project start?


It started to help frustrated cyclists find their freedom again and to reconnect with the unique British countryside. With roads becoming more and more dangerous (pot-holes and road rage) and Mtb tracks being limited and dangerous, the growth of Gravel  Biking in the UK was inevitable.

I personally took up gravel grinding over here in Italy because I needed extra space in my garage and riding on Italian roads is awful… I had to get rid of my Ktm Mtb and my Carrera road bike – the perfect solution was Gravel!

The started off half-heartedly, but quickly became an affirmed reality thanks to careful nurturing by our volunteers past and present.


What is the vision of the community?


  • The community is driven by our members,
  • Everyone is treated the same,
  • The community is free,
  • It’s a non-commercial activity that is self-funded and run by a magnificent team of gravel bike volunteers – similar to a village sports club.


How can I join up?


It’s easy to sign up to our main Facebook group
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