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Lover of old school looking for versatility

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      Malcolm Hunt

      Hi, I am a lifelong cyclist who rides for personal transport and road touring – up until now. I suppose the term, gravel bike, came to my attention about a year ago, and having found out some stuff, I find the idea of them most appealing especially as I’ve had MTBs in the past as well. However, I do favour drop bars on a touring bike which adds to the appeal of gravel bikes.
      I recently did a total rebuild onto a trusty old 80s touring frame which now sports my first ever STI cockpit on drop bars, but the day rides I find myself doing seem to take me on trails which are supposedly official NCN numbered routes over bridal paths/farm tracks which is quite taxing for the old 531 tubing frame. The worst was when I attempted the steep scarp descent from Smith & Western diner near Box Hill viewpoint down to the River Mole (I walked two thirds of it!), and before then from Ascot racecourse was pretty punishing too because of all that flint. I love that old bike, but horses for courses eh? (No pun intended).

      Another thing that appeals, is that I didn’t fancy the idea of those 26″ wheeled trekking bikes like the one St John Street Cycles/Thorn produced. I’m no engineer, but I had a sort of a nebulous daydream that something beefier than a hybrid that could work with drop bars but still be ok on road would be a good idea. It seems like that time has come!

      I look forward to learning more before I part with a decent amount of money to get one, though.

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