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   GHOSTRIDER GRAVEL BIKE RACE OVERVIEW The GhostRider Gravel Bike Race is the epic nighttime gravel bike race you’ve been searching for. The concept of the GhostRider is to conquer a 13-mile gravel bike circuit as often as you choose in a 4-hour time window, all under cover of darkness. The GhostRider Gravel Event will take place on the 26th of November, starting at 4 pm. Combining 50% Gravel and 50% tarmac, the circuit starts just north of the village of Helmsley in the North York Moors at Harriet Air Farm, with a 2.5-mile road section to begin with. You’ll then go off-road and traverse 7.5 miles of twisting, tree-lined gravel paths before returning to the road for the final 3 miles back to the checkpoint to start your following circuit. The goal is to conquer as many laps of the circuit as possible. The perfect Gravel Biking

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