Pmp Vt Plus


Why is it a revolution?
“More volume, more air, more efficiency, less problems!”

Having a valve capable of guaranteeing a higher air flow allows you to free yourself from all those limits of “standardized” products.

Here the 9 advantages of the new VT+.

280% more air volume transfer inside the valve in contrast to the traditional one.

No risk of obstruction caused by solidified latex.

Perfect adherence of Tubeless tires, thanks to more air volume transfer in less time.

The Sealant A.C.R. system is composed by a small tire tube, able to catch the latex inside the tube without removing the hood and the valve.

Easy and fast dismantling, even on the trail, thanks to the possibility to add an inner tube after an incision and perforation.

Easy and efficient maintenance ensured by the possibility to dissemble the “core” of the valve.

The possibility of adaptation on 14mm to 26mm high rims guaranteed by its two-part structure.

Complete closure of every kind of rims thanks to a better contact seal with the internal channel.

We tested the valve with the “balloon test” to evaluate the increased air flow. Watch the video to learn more…

The valve is protected by a tire hood to preserve integrity and functionality over time.

Sealant A.C.R. System – “Add, Check, Remove”

This innovation makes possible to catch the sealing liquid inside the tire faster, without removing the valve, without getting your hands dirty and without wasting latex.

Balloon test

3 year warranty

As all PMP Bike products, the new VT+ valves have 3-year warranty offered by our company.

Reviews from testers

Matteo Cigni, tester – 1 FEB 2019

“Tubeless technology has made my days on the bike more carefree, although I always had difficulty in getting perfect adherence of the tires to the rims. Now I don’t even have this problem anymore. The VT+ is a real turning point for me.”

Lorenzo Guardini, tester – 15 JAN 2019

“The latex change with these valves is really simple. Great!”

Roberto Bassi, athlete – 06 MAR 2019

“Easy to install, top up latex in record time and super resistant! Really to product.”

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