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March 2019

Why is it a revolution?"More volume, more air, more efficiency, less problems!"Having a valve capable of guaranteeing a higher air flow allows you to free yourself from all those limits of "standardized" products.Here the 9 advantages of the new VT+.280% more air volume transfer inside the valve in contrast to the traditional one.No risk of obstruction caused by solidified latex.Perfect adherence of Tubeless tires, thanks to more air volume transfer in less time.The Sealant A.C.R. system is composed by a small tire tube, able to catch the latex inside the tube without removing the hood and the valve.Easy and fast dismantling, even on the trail, thanks to the possibility to add an inner tube after an incision and perforation.Easy and efficient maintenance ensured by the possibility to dissemble the "core" of the valve.The possibility of adaptation on 14mm to 26mm

12 - 13 APRIL 2019 ( ENTRIES CLOSED - SOLD OUT)Riders will traverse gravel forest access roads that service the vast areas of forest covering the border region of England and Scotland. The events will take riders through remote areas providing outstanding viewpoints across this spectacular part of the UK.THE COURSEThe Dirty Reiver 200 (200km), Dirty One Thirty (130km) and the new Dirty Sixty Fiver (65km) are off road cycling challenges based on the Gravel Grinder format found predominantly in the mid west of America.The new ‘Sixty Fiver’ course will also be open to E-Bikes as the Dirt-E-Reiver!For 2019 both courses will be re-planned to explore new trails within the Kielder and Wark Forest areas.Riders will traverse gravel forest access roads that service the vast areas of forest covering the border region of England and Scotland. The events will take

ContinuedMy Kenda Flintridge Pro tyres arrived a week later. These have to be the easiest tyres I have ever setup tubeless. Kenda say that the KSCT casing is designed to not only protect the tyres from cuts and abrasions but also aid in tubeless setup. It could be marketing spiel but like I said the setup was very, very easy. The Flints weighed in at 480g, and measured  just under 36mm compared to the WTB which measured bang on the 42mm claimed and weighed 440g. Despite the 6mm difference in width, side by side its hard to see the difference in width between the two tyres, more on this later.Kenda Flintridge Pro - 35mmWTB Resolute - 42mm700c Test RideFor the test ride I tried to pick a route that would emulate the conditions that the Kenda tyres were designed for.

Gravel bikes are some of, if not the most versatile bikes on the market. Fast and efficient enough for a road century, capable enough to tackle cross country mtb routes and muddy bridleways, and as you would expect fast and comfortable on gravel tracks and fire roads. The ultimate go anywhere bike, some would say.In an effort to maximise this versatility many will decide to run two wheelsets. This makes a lot of sense as most framesets now accommodate different wheel sizes with a wide range of the many tyre sizes available.So, what's the ultimate double wheelset setup? What are the advantages and the drawbacks of the many combinations available. I cannot answer these questions for you, as there are just two many variables and personal preference will play a large part. What I can do though is pull together

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