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The best things in life are worth waiting for and we think this could be worth the wait.  Launching at the end of September ’22 is a new cyclewear brand “GRVL”, founded by Stuart Brooke who has worked in the cyclewear arena, developing their ranges as a consultant to many of the premium cycle brands. GRVL follows Brooke’s passion for Gravel riding since he hung up his road bike in 2018 and has been engineered to deliver a range of high-performance kit, specifically for gravel riding. Brooke’s approach to designing the collection was to start each piece from scratch and ignore what has gone before, creating unique blends of fibres to engineer fabrics using sustainable solutions while features are designed to suit the needs of gravel and adventure riding. The range will officially launch at the end of September, and you can subscribe for

I was quite excited when the newest products from our club sponsor, 76 Projects, dropped on my doorstep. I had looked at The Piggy before and thought it looked like a great solution for carrying your spares, so getting a chance to test it out was very welcome.As well as The Piggy, the package also contained the latest addition to 76 Projects` on bike storage range, The Little Piggy. Both products are made from glass filled nylon and come with a high quality 50mm wide adjustable Velcro strap to secure your cargo. Also in the pack are all the extra bits you could need, a rubber band for organizing the spares prior to loading, bottle cage bolts, rubber spacers to protect the frame and The Little Piggy comes with an additional strap to allow mounting anywhere on the frame. There

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