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February 2019

Having enjoyed the, both CX  Badlands Princess Risborough and its previous incarnation at Henley I looked at the date and timing of the Woodcote version and considered it a useful test in the build up to this years Dirty Revier (130)Planning has gone well and having spent the previous evening enjoying an early valentines weekend with the current Mrs H, I channel my inner Jacques Anquetil with the right amount and Champagne, good food and rest it was with a degree of apprehension I dragged my self out of my warm hotel bed to travel the 30 minutes from Oxford down to the CX registration aka Woodcote community centre. Having been warned about the lack of parking I was delighted to realised that my promptness was rewarded with the choice of spaces which were then quickly filled up around me

The Cosmobike trade show has been the main event for Italian Bike producers for the past 4,5 years in Verona - Italy. Unfortunately it has been hit like many other trade shows by 'Rocky Waters'.This year Cosmobike decided to relaunch with a new format and new calendar date. I feel it's a brave move but premature to call it a success. Trade shows really need to become more interactive and less static. Here is selection of a few snaps we took today.

Inspired by Record Store Day, this is the chance for your local bike shops to show why you should shop there, this is going to be a big day and we're hoping many people in the cycling industry will take part.For the public, this is your day to show your support for the backbone of the cycling world, call in, go for a demo ride, buy a bargain, see a talk. Every shop will have something unique on, we'll be compiling a list of those taking part and what's going on as it comes in.

by Tom WoodburyLike most people born in the early eighties, my first bicycle was a BMX. Not one of the gaudy Raleigh Burners or gimmicky Street Hawks, but a rather subtle white Ammaco number. I rode over anything and everything I could on it, the time eventually came to get a new bike because I had outgrown it. This coincided with the explosion of mountain bikes into the UK scene. All of a sudden the must have bike for the discerning youth was an ‘MTB’ or ‘ATB’ with Muddy Fox the ultimate aspiration. Some friends had Raleigh Lizards in their lucid two tone fade and orange bottle cage, and the odd MBK or Giant was spotted occasionally. My first MTB however was one of the most affordable and popular amongst pre-teens – Halfords’ own Apollo Atomic GT18. Weighing at least 30 lbs

The white stuff has fallen across the UK this week and as usual cars are stuck on non-gritted roads, trains are late or cancelled and social media is full of videos of that guy trying, but failing, to walk to the end of his driveway. Despite the inconvenience, all of us still have somewhere to be and I was not going to let the snow stop me on my commute to work.Langley Bottom FarmI am lucky that when the snow does arrive I have the option of cycling on main roads (if they are just wet) or off road across the local racecourse and through the woods to work. Usually I find it safer (and more pleasing to the eye) to stick to the off road route; I'd rather fall onto the soft snow that into the unforgiving, frozen tarmac.

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